Frequently Asked Questions

Take the time to read this F.A.Q section, before you contacting me because you may find the answer here. In case you want to contact directly you may do so through our Contact Us form.

1. How do I see on the website the products that I have downloaded/purchased?

You just need to scroll up and at the very top of the website click on My Account. Then, you can see and follow all your orders as well as all the purchases you have made.

2. I'm running Windows 7 (or upper) and I cannot insert the packages into the Ticker. What shall I do?

Some versions of Windows seem to be quite stubborn. If you experience difficulties inserting the packages into the application, please proceed the following steps:

  1. Click on the program icon,
  2. Click on "properties,"
  3. Then click on "compatibility."
  4. There check off Windows-7,
  5. Then check the box "Run this program as administrator."

Then it will work.

3. How do I get the packages from this website into Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker application?

It is very simple:

  1. Select the package you want to learn from this website and go through the check out process.
  2. Go either to My Account *at the very top of this website) or check out your email inbox.
  3. Then, download the package(s) to your computer. (I recommend you create a separate folder only for all the packages you buy, so that you know where they are in your machine).
  4. Unzip the file (open the zip file) if needed. The name of the file you need to put inside the application ends in .rafa (e.g. 004_Footwear_BR_PT.rafa)
  5. Upload the files from your computer to your Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker application by clicking "Add New Packs" button (which you can find when you click the Settings or Tools icon) and start learning straight away.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please wait a few moments for the application to deploy (insert) the new package. Once you load the Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker with a new package, the application takes a bit to read the content of that new package. So wait for a message to come up informing you that the new package has been deployed (or is inside the application).

For more detailed information, please read the PDF Manual that accompanies the application when you first download it.

4. Where are the packages I have purchased?

By the time you finish the purchasing process of packages and/or the software, you will have both, an email with the "Download Info" and a links on the website (please click My Account at the top of the website), to download the files you have just purchased.

If you have already downloaded any packages, they might be on the "Downloads" folder of your computer.

I recommend you to create a new folder on your computer that is only for your Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker Application and Packages of words. Save the packages you download from this website in that folder and keep them all together and tidy on your desktop.

5. I didn't get an email to download the files. Paypal payment looks like it has gone through. What shall I do?

If you haven't received an email with the download link, please check both, the "Trash" and the "Spam" folders of your email address.
Please click on Download and the files you've purchased will be start being transferred from there. On My Account page (which you find following at the top of this website), you can also have access to the files you've purchased.

Please click download to start.

Please note that sometimes your email provider takes a while to deliver your emails to you.

6. Every time I start up my computer the software starts running as well. How can I stop this?

This feature applies to Windows Operating Systems only, and it's on to remind you that you should use RVT every day. You can disable this feature easily by following the steps below:

a. Open the Start menu and type msconfig into the Search box.

b. Click the msconfig search result. The utility will open in a new window.

c. Click the Startup tab. You'll see a list of programs that start when your computer starts.

d. To stop RVT from automatically launching when you boot your PC, uncheck the box next to its entry.

e. When you are finished deselecting startup items, click OK. If you made any changes, you'll be prompted to restart the computer. You don't have to restart it immediately, but the changes won't take effect until you do.

When you restart the computer, MSConfig will alert you to the changes. In the window that pops up, check the box next to Don't show this message or launch the System Configuration Utility when Windows starts, and click OK to prevent future alerts. You can always return to MSConfig to reverse the changes or make additional tweaks.

7. I can't install RVT on my Mac. What shall I do?

Some MAC users may experience a problem when installing RVT. This may be due to either a Java software problem or a permission problem. RVT is a trustful source, but it is an independent application which is waiting for Apple to recognize Rafa as an officially registered developer. As a consequence some users will get a message saying that they cannot install this application when they try to install it.

Java Script Solution:

If you receive a message saying "Run Apple Script encountered an error” that's because your Mac doesn't have the JDK (Java Developers Kit). Most Macs come with it, but there are others that come without it. RVT is a Java-based software so it needs this Java kit to run on the background of your operating system. If your machine doesn't have it, please download it from the Oracle Official Website by clicking here. Once you've install it, please proceed to the installation of the Ticker software and it will run properly.

You might also find a problem installing the Ticker that has to do with your application download permissions defined in the security settings of your MAC.

Security Settings Permission Solution:

Once Rafa is still waiting for Apple to validate his registration, you can solve this problem yourself, by changing the permissions to install this application. To do this:

a. Go to ‘System Preferences’ and click the option ‘Security & privacy’

b. On Security & Privacy, select the tab ‘General’. Please enable changes by clicking on the yellow lock symbol at the bottom left of the window (the system will require the administrator’s password).

c. Change the permission. In the group "Allow apps downloaded from" please select the option 'Anywhere'. The system will ask you to re-confirm the option.

d. Install Rafa’s Ticker by double-clicking on the file ‘Rafa_Ticker’

e. After the installation is finished, please change the permission back to default. In the group ‘Allow apps downloaded from:’ , select the option ‘Mac App Store and Identified Developers’. This is required to make sure you keep your system protected.


8. On the Main Panel: Can I decide what words to run in the stream?

Yes you can. All you need is uncheck all the words by clicking on the "select all" button and then select the ones you want to be running on the Ticker.

9. How can I uncheck all the checked boxes, by one click?

By clicking on "Select all" above all the ticked boxes. You need to uncheck all of them (in all packs, one pack at a time) by clicking on "Select all" and then select the ones you want to be checked.

10. Can I add words direct to RVT?

Yes. By clicking on the button "add" a new pack will be created "My words". There, you can add as many words as you want as well as recording their corresponding sound.

11. On the "Rafa text config" and on the user guide #16, it says that one can select a category of words, but how?

Just above the list of word you can see the name of the pack you are working on. If you have more packs, you'll see more options if you scroll down the options.

12. What is Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker?

Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker is a piece of software that allows you to learn Portuguese in a relaxed, easy, and funny way. This software allows you to recall words and expressions over and over again while you are working and concentrating on other projects at your computer. With this tool, you’ll be learning Portuguese using the capacity of your whole brain – your conscious and subconscious mind.

This piece of software when activated whilst you are working on a spread sheet, a word document or any other program, will pass Portuguese words and expressions with their equivalent written translation in English. These Portuguese words and expressions will come up with their corresponding sounds as well in order to help you get familiar with the pronunciation that so often is difficult to understand when a Portuguese native speaker talks.

13. Will I jeopardise my performance at work by using this Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker while I'm working?

Absolutely not! On the contrary. With this tool, you'll maximise your time! My research and experience shows that when you are very concentrated on something you are doing you won't look at anything else. However, from time to time, your brain has the need to switch off for a few seconds and breathe to get energy and inspiration for concentration again. Those seconds you need to look away from what you are concentrating on will be for you to learn or recall a new word or expression. This way you will not only please your brain by resting your concentration for a few seconds, but you will also feel satisfaction because you are making the most of those seconds to learn something new.

14. What can I do with Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker?

With Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker you will be able to:

  1. Learn, hear, understand and pronounce Portuguese words and expressions the way and at the speed native speakers do. This method offers you no fake language, but the way native speakers talk. You will be able to get familiar with those difficult sounds that are hard to understand when native speakers run the words together;

  2. Select the chunks of language you want to learn: Let’s imagine that today you want to learn the numbers in Portuguese. All you need to do is upload the package "Numbers Time and Location" and select the words you want to learn from this particular package. This website offers you a range of packages of words and expressions that I have carefully and strategically selected throughout the years for you. They will allow you to control the language in a range of different aspects of life. Indeed, we can only consider ourselves to be fluent in a language when we can deal with all the different aspects of our lives, in that particular language. The words and expressions for these situations are available for you to download into your computer, and from your computer to your Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker software;

  3. Hear how to pronounce the words and expressions in Brazilian and European Portuguese at real speed in a way that you'll be understood. As you may already know, I am a native Portuguese speaker (with both accents – Continental and Brazilian). I have created a separate package for either of them. This way you’ll be mastering not only your listening skills but also your pronunciation in the version you choose;

  4. Enter your own words and expressions in English and Portuguese and learn your own words and expressions. As you may imagine, it would be impossible for me to guess that you need a particular word or expression for a very particular situation (yes, I haven't discovered a crystal ball that works yet). Therefore I thought that you could benefit a lot from a feature that could allow you to add, record and learn those words as well. This is just another way for you to enhance your learning exponentially;

  5. Learn the language by being aware of the grammar without a burden. I will mention (when necessary) specific grammar items that you may want to investigate in more depth as you use Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker. This website has a link to website where you can find explanations for many of your questions;

  6. Record with your voice the sound of your own words in Portuguese, and learn them along with all the other words and expressions from the other different packages;

  7. Learn the words from-into both, English and Portuguese: you may want to learn them first from English into Portuguese, but after a while, you may just want to hear the sounds and understand what you are hearing. You can confirm the translation just by looking at the application. If you are learning Portuguese with friends, this could be turned into a great game!;

  8. Control the speed you want the words to appear: as you become more and more fluent you may want to increase the speed and challenge your brain to see whether or not you can translate the sounds into English or the written words into Portuguese before the software does;

  9. Learn words and expressions that translate exactly the same message in English: In any language, there are many, many ways to pass the same message across. Very often, the way we say something in one language can never be literally translated in another. With Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker, you’ll learn the way you should be saying certain things, in order for you to be completely understood by Portuguese native speakers and understand what they are saying to you. You may know for instance the English expression “The grass is always greener on the other side” meaning life is always easier for other people, but, in Portuguese, if you literally translate this expression, it won’t make any sense to any Portuguese speaker. The same expression in Portuguese is “my neighbour's chicken is always better than mine”. I have taken care of these differences for you, so you don’t have to worry;

  10. Still learn without having the application open: This Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker has a feature that, when selected, allows you to set the time to decide how often you want to be reminded of a new word or expression, in case you need to deeply concentrate on your work;

  11. Have fun: with the members of your family or your friends at home, when you are preparing your dinner, working out, or just chilling out. All you need is a computer or a laptop to benefit form this Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker wherever you go and in any room of your house.

15. What are the system requirements?

Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker works with the following operating systems:

  • Windows

  • Machintosh

  • Linux and other Operating Systems OS

16. When I tried to install the application or upload a package to the application I received an error message. What shall I do?

If you received an error message like "Error while unzipping Java", that may mean that you need to do one or all of the following 4 things:

  1. Update your Java software (which you can do by clicking here now). You may have Java on your computer, but it might not be up to date.
  2. Update your computer,
  3. Go to your email in-box and, from the "Download info" email and download the file again. Whilst you were downloading the file from this website to your computer, a problem with your internet connection may have occurred and your computer didn't download the entire file.
  4. If you have Windows, please open the app as "Run as Administrator".

17. How do I pause the ticker when it's running and I need to concentrate on my work?

It's very simple. You can either ignore the words passing by or just press the Off button  on the right hand side and the running panel will disappear. Then right-click on the Rafa icon , select the option Display Main Panel and the application will continue running from where you had stopped it before.

18. What language pairs does Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker provide?

At the moment, Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker is available to English-speakers who want to learn European and/or Brazilian Portuguese only.

19. What languages are supported by Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker?

At the moment only Portuguese for English speakers is available. I am working on other languages as well but, at the moment, Portuguese is my priority.

20. Do you offer Free stuff?

Yes! Once you have purchased and downloaded Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker you can upload all the free packages that may become available on this website into your Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker software. My main aim is to help you speak Portuguese.

21. Do you offer Money Back Guarantee?

Yes I do. Once again, my aim is to help you speak Portuguese faster. And I understand - this is an alternative method and a huge change in learning Portuguese, and some of us may feel a bit uncomfortable and skeptical no matter how amazing these changes may be. So if you feel this is not for you, please contact me within 2 weeks, remind me the packages you have purchased and I'll erase your account from this site and proceed the refund.

22. Do you ship Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker with the packages to my home address?

In principle no. This method is available to be downloaded only. With it I want to contribute for the saving of the environment (which I take very seriously) and the saving your money too with the annoying shipping costs.

23. Shall I use head-phones when learning?

My recommendation is YES! The sounds of the words and expressions are high quality, and recorded in such a way that will allow you to learn different intonations. This is why I recommend you to use head-phones for better results.

24. What are the limitations, if any, in the Free account?

This method has been designed for those who are serious about learning Portuguese but who unfortunately don’t have much time to spend on their learning. If you are just looking for free stuff, you may be missing the process of learning a language in such a way that may make your speak like a native speaker. However you can always benefit from the free packages I may make available for you.

25. Do you require credit card info to sign up?

No. However this website must be used only by people of adult legal age in the country they reside. Please read License and Terms to learn more.

26. What can you say about your method and services?

Everything I do in life is for passion, and both the method and services I'm offering you here are no exception. Throughout the years I have been accumulating a great deal of experience, as well as a great deal of research and observation. When I put all of this together, it allowed me to create this Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker. The words and expressions I present to you here have proved me to be the best, most common and the most important language we need to learn to be able to communicate in Portuguese. Unlike other learning programmes, Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker will allow you to recognize the words when people speak fast and run many words together. There is no fake language here.
By being a teacher of Portuguese as a second language for several years, by studying the latest discoveries in foreign language learning, and by teaching for several companies and institutions for thousands of hours, I became aware of the needs and difficulties people have when they need to communicate in a different language. By working on these difficulties and needs, I decided to create a solution. Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker is the result.

27. How does your product differ from other language services and methods?

Unlike other learning services and methods, Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker was designed to treat you as an individual learner and not as just a number to create profit. Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker has been created having the learner in mind, and to dis-mystify any ideas that learners need to sacrifice their time in order to achieve their goals when they use conventional methods.

I refuse to either believe or accept that we need to sacrifice anything in our lives, being it our time, our energy, or anything else in order to be able to learn a language. Learning should and must be enjoyable, fun and with achievable, good and real results. Today we can take great advantages from the benefits technology offers us. Here I am just joining technology with a human touch in a way that it may help you achieve your goals.

28. What about my privacy?

I am committed to respecting and protecting your personal privacy at all costs. For more information on Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker privacy policies, please read the License and Terms page.

29. Do you provide customer support?

I will be happy to reply to every single question you may have and help you out as much as I can. I promise to reply to you within 72 hours, but depending on the amount of emails I have to answer and the work I undertake, it may take me a bit longer to get back to you. Having this in mind, and if needed, I may create a blog on this site that you may use to get help and help others too. We are all human beings here on the same boat, aiming the same objectives, which means cooperation helps us all to get fluent, faster. So let's help each other and please give your contribution to the forums.

30. Do you require credit card info or pre-payment?


31. I live in Europe but not in the United Kingdom. Why is RVT not available in my country?

Unfortunately if you live outside the UK but within the EU this language tool is not available for you at the moment, as I am not registered for EU VAT yet. Nevertheless, please contact me directly here so that I may be able to find a solution for you. Thank you for your understanding.

32. How much does it cost?

Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker software and its packages of words and expressions, are available at a very reasonable price to help us keep this site running and carry on with the linguistic research. The prices are clearly stated next to each product.

If you believe you can learn with this Rafa’s Vocabulary Ticker, I would be very grateful if you could please pass the word to your friends, colleagues and members of your family who want to learn Portuguese. I really believe in cooperation, so my message is: Please, get help from others and help the others too.

The packages of words and expressions will allow you to select what you want to learn, and pay for your learning as you progress without pain.

Please come back to this website regularly and look for new available packages.

Muito Obrigado! (Thank you ever so much!)

end faq