Oi, Tudo Bem?

You will get better results from using "Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker" if you follow these suggestions:

  1. Once you have downloaded and installed the software application itself, press the Tools button.
  2. A new display will open where you can see all the words of the package that comes with it by default. All these words and expressions come selected by default. Check them all off and select simple and easy words or expressions to learn first by clicking on the ones you want to learn.
  3. Change the Font type, size and colour that you feel more comfortable with.
  4. Press the CONFIG button on the right hand side.
  5. Press the BACKGROUND COLOUR button to choose the colour you feel best accommodates your learning mood.
  6. In the same panel, choose the speed you want the words to go across your screen. For beginners, I'd recommend the default, or the first mark on the slow side (right) like this:

  7. Close the panel and click OK.
  8. Once the words start appearing, try to get used to looking at them and take every single opportunity you have to learn a new word or expression, say every 20 seconds, or every minute.

  9. Make sure you read the words in both, English and Portuguese. If you can listen to the words too, that's even better. The audios were recorded so that they are even more effective for learning when you use headphones rather than speakers.

  10. Every time you want to master your pronunciation, you just need to place your mouse on top of the application (Windows version) and the sound will play again - as many times as you want.
  11. Learn all the words, so that you can say them to yourself before the system shows them.
  12. As you progress in your learning, you must move on and add longer expressions (with two, three, or four words). Select the ones you want to learn by ticking the boxes next to each one of them.
  13. Once you have learned some words and expressions you can transfer them to the "Learnt Words" category. You do this by selecting the ones you want to transfer, and then clicking the button . The system will allow you to transfer only one word at a time so as to make sure about that you really want to transfer each one to the "learnt" category.

  14. Next, add some new words or expressions to be learnt from the same category or another one. Once you get used to the system – it’s easy-peasy, that’s how I designed it - you can start progressing in speed and difficulty.
  15. Expand your language skills by downloading as many packages as you can from the available range on this website. Then just repeat the process described above again and again.

  16. if you know how to pronounce particular words and you want to include them in your "My Words" category, you can add and record them too.

  17. Watch any videos available, by clicking . From time to time, I'll be adding new videos and packages and updating the existing ones.
  18. When you have learnt all the words you have available in your personalised “Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker”, you will be able to talk about all the subjects you have studied so far.
  19. If you master the speed of translation in all the words and expressions up to the point indicated below, you will be pretty well able to communicate in Portuguese at the speed of a native speaker.

It is inevitable - "Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker" will help you get fluent faster!