The new software Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker is now available to be downloaded and it could not be of simpler use.

Rafa's Vocabulary Ticker will enable you to learn Portuguese quickly while working at your computer.

By displaying pairs of Portuguese words and their equivalent real English translation during daily use of a computer, communicating in Portuguese will be just a matter of days!

But let me show you both, what it looks like and how it works.


1. A panel that scrolls pairs of words at the top of any application you are working with, which looks like this:

There are two display options :

1. A running platform always present on your computer screen:

2. A system tray message that pops up a pair of words every time you want it to appear (managed by a configurable duration):


2. Easy-to-use command buttons:

Let's see what you can do with the application buttons:

And now, let's have a look at what it looks like inside when you click on Settings:

As you can see, the easy and complete configuration of this application will fulfill your needs in order for you to customize your learning.


3. The possibility to add your own words:

It is also possible for you to add new pairs of words and their English translation in addition to recording their corresponding sound.




4. Control the speed of your learning:


And why not controlling the speed of your learning too? Be on the driver's seat of your learning!

As you see, not only you can control how often a selected word will show up, but also how often you can be reminded of a new word on the system tray if you don't want the running platform to be displayed all the time.

And this is it - easy peasy!

Now, the next step depends on you. Go on and give it a go now!


Até já! (See you in a bit!)


Rafael Tavares.